After Care

For all tattoos, large and small, leave the bandage on for the first night; remove in the morning when showering.

Wash the tattoo with colorless, scentless soap and warm water (as warm as you can stand), pat dry (do not rub/wipe) and apply a thin, minimal layer of Aquaphor ointment. Remember, the skin needs air to breath while healing, so make sure not to use excessive amount of ointment. Re-apply ointment every two hours for the first three to four days.

We advise keeping your tattoo wrapped at night while you sleep to make sure the tattoo does not dry out during sleep; this is also to prevent your tattoo from sticking to your bedsheets/clothing during sleep. Do not exceed three nights of bandaging your tattoo during sleep.

Please, abstain from going to the gym or using tanning beds, while your tattoo is healing, they are full of sweat and a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause staph infections and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Avoid pools, hot tubs, beaches and situations where the tattoo would be submerged.

With proper tattoo care, it should begin to peel within the first three to five days, much like a sunburn does. Do not pick or scratch at the peeling scabs; your body will naturally let them flake off when it is ready in the healing process. When the tattoo begins peeling, the first layer of skin is exfoliating; again, let it peel on it’s own. Once the layer of peeling has stopped, stop using Aquaphor and switch to a colorless, fragrance free lotion, we suggest Lubriderm.

Be mindful of keeping your tattoo clean and prevent it from drying out. If you haven’t moisturized your tattoo for over two hours, that is too long. Take excellent care of your tattoo during the healing process. All touch-ups will require setup fee. So take excellent care, follow the instructions and contact us if there are any questions.