FAQ & Aftercare

Avoid Bacteria, Inflammation, and Prevent Infection

Aftercare Instructions

For all tattoos, large and small, leave the bandage on for the first night; remove in the morning when showering.

Wash your tattoo with dye free, scent free soap (preferably antibacterial) and warm water (as warm as you can handle). Pat dry with clean paper towels (do not rub/wipe), or allow to air dry. Apply a THIN layer of ointment, such as Aquaphor, or other various aftercare products designed for tattoo’s, such as H2Ocean, Tattoo Goo or After Inked. Remember, the skin needs to breath while healing, so make sure not to use an excessive amount of ointment. Re-apply ointment every 2 hours and wash your tattoo with soap and warm water at least 2-3 times a day for the first four days.

We advise that you wrap your tattoo while you sleep for the first 3 nights. Wash your tattoo, apply a thin layer of ointment and wrap with clean saran wrap (you may need to secure with medical tape depending on the placement of your tattoo). This is to ensure that your tattoo doesn’t dry out overnight, and also to keep it from sticking to your bed sheets or clothing during sleep. DO NOT EXCEED THREE NIGHTS OF BANDAGING YOUR TATTOO!

With proper care, your tattoo should begin to peel within the first three to five days, much like a sunburn does. Do not pick or scratch at the peeling scabs, your body will naturally let them flake off when it is ready. When the tattoo begins peeling, the first layer of skin is exfoliating; again, let it peel on its own! Once the layer of peeling has stopped, stop using ointment and switch to a colorless, fragrance free lotion (we recommend Curel).

Be mindful of keeping your tattoo clean and prevent it from drying out. If your tattoo/skin is feeling “tight”, or if it has been more than 2 hours….Moisturize! Take excellent care of your investment (tattoo) during the healing process. All touch-ups will require a setup fee; so take excellent care, follow the instructions, and please contact us if you have any questions.
If you have opted to have Tegaderm applied, here’s what you need to know. Tegaderm is a thin barrier film applied to your tattoo the day following your appointment. Though it is possible to do it yourself with proper instruction, we highly recommend it be applied by a professional here at the shop. Tegaderm provides an air permeable layer that eliminates the need to go through the first 5 days of washing and ointment applications. In our experience, we have found that it also eliminates many of the problems encountered during the healing process, usually resulting in a perfectly healed tattoo! On day 5, when it is time to remove the Tegaderm, DO NOT JUST PULL IT OFF!!! You risk the chance of pulling out ink and damaging your tattoo. Tegaderm should be removed in the shower after letting the warm water run over it for at least 10 minutes. This will loosen the film and skin, allowing the tegaderm to be pulled off slowly and with care. Once the Tegaderm has been removed, you will still need to keep your tattoo moisturized for the next 2 weeks. Use a colorless and fragrance free lotion such as Curel. If Tegaderm is something you are interested in, please speak with your artist. They will be more than happy to discuss whether it will be the right choice for your tattoo.
Please abstain from going to the gym or using tanning beds while your tattoo is healing. These are breeding grounds for sweat and bacteria that can cause staph infections and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Avoid pools, hot tubs, beaches and situations where the tattoo would be submerged or exposed to sand and/or dirt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment?

Appointments are always recommended, but not necessary. We welcome walk-ins, and will accommodate them on a first come, first serve basis depending on availability of our artists

How do I make an appointment

You can contact us via email, FaceBook, Instagram, our website, or just a good old fashioned phone call. We will be happy to assist you in the process from the start. Prior to your appointment, we like to have a free consult with our clients to discuss the project and go over details, pictures, sketches, placement size, etc. It is vital that you and your artist are on the same page so they can begin to design your custom art piece. At that point we request a deposit to hold your appointment slot and to have your artist begin designing. On appointment day, we will make any last minute alterations that are necessary to make the perfect design for your masterpiece.

Why do I have to make a deposit?

A deposit ensures that you and your artist are both dedicated to the project and taking it seriously….and that you will show up on your appointment day as well. All deposits made are deducted from your total on appointment day. Deposits are transferable to another date, but are non refundable or transferable, unless you give your artist at least 48 hours notice.

How much does a tattoo cost?

* How much does a car cost? Or a house? Due to the complex nature of our work, we do not quote prices over the phone or by email/messages. Only your artist can give you an estimate once they have a clear understanding of the project on hand. Furthermore, it is not always possible to judge, especially with a large piece, what the exact total cost will be. Sometimes, larger tattoo designs will evolve over time, and will change from the initial plan and therefore the cost estimate. It is important to keep good communications with your artist about these details and how changes and multiple sessions can/will impact your final cost.

* For more simple tattoos, we have a shop minimum. However small or “simple” a tattoo may seem, the cost of setting up and preventing the risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens is included in our prices. Just because a tattoo is “small” does not mean that it will be cheaper. Many times, small intricate tattoos are more complex and time consuming to tattoo.

* Every artist works differently and gauges their pricing accordingly. * Remember, when getting a tattoo, you are purchasing a piece of art that will last forever. Good tattoos aren’t cheap! And most times, a cheap tattoo isn’t very good.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash is always king...but we do accept Credit Cards and PayPal for a small service fee.

Can you cover or fix my old tattoo?

All of our artists here are experienced in doing cover pieces. With cover pieces or reworking of an old piece, each situation is unique and will need to be assessed at a consultation to discuss possibilities and options that will work with the existing piece.

Can I get a tattoo if I’m under 18?

We are sorry, but the state of Illinois does not allow minors to get tattooed, even with a parent’s consent. Piercings are allowed for minors if they are accompanied by a consenting parent.

Can I get a tattoo if I am pregnant?

Though it is not illegal in the state of Illinois, we don’t recommend getting a tattoo when you are pregnant. If you have spoken with your healthcare provider and would like to proceed, we are open to discussing the possibility.

My appointment is coming up….what do I need to do? Or bring with me?

Even if you are getting a smaller piece, we always recommend a good night’s rest and a solid meal prior to your appointment. We have a variety of beverages to offer our clients, but if there are any particular drinks or snacks that you would like, please bring them. If you are doing a piece that will require you to expose certain areas of your body, please think ahead and dress accordingly or bring something to change into here.

We have private rooms to offer and will do our best to make sure that you are comfortable.

  • Ink seepage or splattering is always a possibility! Please don’t wear your favorite outfit.